These principles are intended to aid individuals accredited by the Radiation Protection Accreditation Board in maintaining a professional level of ethical conduct. They are intended as guidelines by which accreditees may determine the propriety of their conduct.

  1. Accreditees shall support the objectives of the Radiation Protection Accreditation Board.

  2. Accreditees shall endeavour to increase the understanding of Radiation Protection.

  3. Accreditees shall comply to acknowledged safety standards in practices involving exposure of persons and the environment to ionising radiation.

  4. In performing their professional duties, accreditees shall always give prime consideration to radiation safety.

  5. Accreditees shall not perform or undertake to perform work in Radiation Protection for which their education, training or experience does not render them competent.

  6. Accreditees shall strive to maintain their professional knowledge and skill.

  7. Statements made in a professional capacity shall have a scientific basis and be based on sound professional judgement.

  8. Accreditees shall maintain high standards in their professional relationships.

  9. Accreditees shall maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information.

  10. Accreditees shall act upon unacceptable Radiation Protection practices. In so doing, sources of confidential information should be respected, provided ethical principles are not violated.

  11. Accreditees shall not engage in illegal activities involving Radiation Protection.