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Important Information

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members shall be reputable persons who:

  • have graduated from a University; an accredited college, or equivalent institution; have recognised scientific, technological or professional qualifications; or have equivalent training in the field of radiation protection recognised by the Association; AND
  • are regularly engaged in one or more aspects of radiation protection; or have an interest and competence in one or more of such aspects at academic and practical levels commensurate with acceptable levels of performance in the country or region where the Association functions;
  • Retired Corporate Members shall be members in good standing meeting the requirements of (a) above, who have attained full retirement status and who no longer derive an income from the practice of Radiation Protection;
  • Honorary Members shall be individuals on whom the Association wishes to bestow a special honour in recognition of outstanding services to the Association and/or to the science of radiation protection in accordance with the objectives of the Association.

Institutional Membership 

Institutional members shall be reputable organisations that are actively interested in, and support the objectives of, the Association. Each institutional member shall nominate one person, who shall be the institutional member nominee, to represent it at the meetings and activities of the Association.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members shall be persons who are interested in the activities of the Association. These members may participate at meetings, but shall not have any voting rights. Students in universities and colleges are typical candidates that shall be awarded affiliate type of membership.

Membership Fee

Membership fee is R 520-00 and should accompany your application form. Only electronic payments are acceptable to this account:

Account Name: SARPA;
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Name: Centurion;
Branch Code: 261 550
Account Number: 505 111 647 38
Account Type: Cheque

Please attach proof of payment to your application and mail it to: Mr Timothy Sebeela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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